This is Little Glassworks .....

studio1webThe Studio


Little Glassworks  is a home based Studio set in a small market town in South Northamptonshire.
Here you will find just me Designer/Maker Zenia Morrison. Having worked as a Graphic Designer since leaving Art College and worked for different Design Studio's over the years, I stopped and had a family and saw an opportunity to redirect my creativity.
So now you will find me locked away with music playing in the background while I design, handcraft and fuse with glass. Making individually unique and unusual pieces of Fused Glass
Jewellery and Gifts.

Taking inspiration from all sorts of things that catch my eye and the love of colour.
love of bright and bold colours you can see are reflected in some of my pieces.
Each piece of Glass Jewellery is truly unique, no two pieces are the same, it's like wearing a piece of art. I also design and make Beaded Glass Jewellery,
the beads are from unusual suppliers and artisans, so they are an added  bonus to my individual collection.



 mewebThe Designer/Maker


The type of glass I use to make my jewellery and Gifts, is Bulleye Glass and Dichroic Glass.
Fused Glass is a techn
ique that involves layering the glass, thisis then placed into the kiln and melted or fused together at extremely high temperatures.The kiln is then allowedto slowly cool until you can open the kiln at room temperature. One of the joys of this process is that you never really know how it will turn out until you open the kiln.